Competing in CloneComp: Make the Most of This Year’s Competition

Congratulations on your decision to compete in this year’s CloneComp competition. Over four days, you’ll have the opportunity to push your own Webflow skills and meet other #NoCode makers from around the world.

Here are tips on making the most of your experience.

Register for an account on the official CloneComp website

You’ll need an official account to be able to submit your entries, search for projects that you would like to clone in subsequent rounds, and vote for your favorite projects. 

Create your #clonecomp account

Make sure you use your Webflow profile name when registering. This is a “primary id” we’ll be using throughout the competition for seeing which maker’s projects are being cloned the most. Typos may result in work not being counted properly.

Registering for an account also enables access to the official competition venue, a custom space, built by the Finsweet Team.

Please note that day of registrations may experience a delay in gaining access to the gather map.

Verify Your Webflow Plan

While it’s free to compete in CloneComp, you’ll need a Webflow Lite or Pro Account. If you are not on one of these individual plans, you won’t be able to showcase your projects and you won’t be able to have multiple projects active at one time.

Block Time Off On Your Calendar to Compete and Participate

There’s a schedule of events on the CloneComp site letting you know about activities and key deadlines. You can also subscribe to the Google calendar so that times appear in your timezone.

⌛ Pace yourself. This is a fast-moving competition. Take care of yourself so that you don’t burn yourself out during the competition. Prizes are available to those who compete in all rounds.

Share Your Work

During select livestreams, we’ll be broadcasting from the competition venue. If you’re in the space while we’re streaming, we might just stop by to see what you’re building.

Give thought to how you might also want to use CloneComp as an opportunity to share what you’re building on social media. We’ll be monitoring Twitter for the event hashtag #CloneComp, but don’t let that stop you from talking about the event on your favorite platform.

If you do post about the event, add a link in the cc-social channel so that everyone can see it (and maybe reshare or comment on it.)

👉 Need an extra reason to share your work on social? There are social media prize categories this year.

Review the Official Prize List

Before competition kick-off, review all the prize categories. Use this knowledge to plan your approach to the competition. Are you known for your storytelling skills? There’s a prize for that. Great at integrations? That’s a different category. Use the competition as an opportunity to play to your strengths or a chance to learn something new..

In addition to reviewing the prizes, please make sure you are familiar with the Official Rules and FAQ

Get to Know the Competition Sponsors

This event would not be happening without a top notch list of sponsors. If there’s a company that is new to you, take a moment to learn more. Links to sponsors are on the CloneComp site and many of them will be hanging out in the Vendor’s Area in gather. 

🤔 As you work on your projects, is there a way to use anything from sponsors as part of your entry?

Don’t Wait Until Right Before the Deadline to Submit Your Work

Before each day’s 12:00 PM ET livestream, we’ll be looking at submissions that have already been submitted and may pick a few to show on the stream. Need an extra reason? Late submissions will be docked points.

👉 Give yourself time to create an eye-catching image that captures your submission. It’s what people will see in the Gallery before viewing your site.

Ask for Help When You Need It

CloneComp is a chance to push your Webflow building skills. Not sure about something? Ask for help -- whether it’s how to do something or a question about competition logistics. 

There’s a dedicated Slack channel, cc-help, for asking questions. If we’re hearing the same questions asked multiple times, we may post and pin information in the general Slack channel, on the CloneComp dashboard, and via livestreams.

Have fun!

CloneComp is a unique experience. It’s a chance to unleash your creativity and push your own skills. It’s also a chance to connect and cheer on your fellow competitors in Slack, on social, and by voting for your favorite submissions. 


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