Clone Comp 2021 - Official Press Release

6/28/2021 - For immediate release

Announcing CloneComp 2021

Join us July 20-23 for the world’s largest Webflow hackathon! Put your skills to the test, connect with other no code makers and create something amazing.

What is it?

CloneComp is a 3-day online Webflow cloneable site competition.

You'll build story-driven websites with shared assets and follow daily story prompts that will guide your build. Participants will have a chance to win tons of cash, prizes, and some serious Webflow community clout. 

Last year’s event took the claim of the largest Webflow hackathon ever, and brought to life wildly unique digital experiences showcasing the potential of Webflow in ways that captivated the community. With three times the prize pool and support from the entire no code community, this year it’s gonna be even bigger and better — we’re expecting hundreds of participants spending thousands of hours building and engaging over the 4-day span.

How does it work? 

CloneComp is time-capped, self-guided and super fun. Here’s the gist:  

  1. The challenge kicks off on Day 1 with the first story prompt and a few required elements to include in the build. You’ll start by cloning a master website and then have 24 hours to use the given assets to create whatever you want. 
  2. This is where things really start to get fun. On Days 2 and 3, you’ll clone someone else’s project from the prior round and pick up where they left off, building on top of that cloned design using new story prompts and shared assets. (Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, because we’ll be throwing in a few surprises along the way!)
  3. On Day 4, votes are tallied (based on combination of number of likes on showcased projects, the number of times a project was cloned, and votes from our guest judges) and the competition ends with a virtual happy hour/prize party! 

Official rules & FAQ's

For the first time ever, CloneComp will take place inside a custom built map which will be open to the public throughout the event. Come by and enjoy our daily livestreams, or explore the space for yourself to get 1-1 with top makers in the Webflow community.

Head to to register and find more details about what’s going down.

About the Organizers

In spring of 2020 Raymmar Tirado, Colleen Brady and Joe Krug had the idea of hosting a hackathon that would showcase the power of Webflow while working to connect the no code community. This year we're back and tripling down on everything.

CloneComp is organized by and volunteers from the community. It's made possible each year due to generous support from our sponsors, volunteers, and the Webflow community.
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